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SIMOWOOD is the first large-scale sheet made of Resysta®, an innovative hybrid material based on rice husks and a specific thermoplastic. SIMOWOOD is highly resistant to external influences such as sun, rain, snow or salt water, and as an alternative to tropical timber it also contributes to the protection of valuable natural resources. SIMOWOOD Sheets complement the range of Resysta® Profiles, offering architects, designers, display professionals and other service providers a wealth of new possibilities.Fields of application. SIMOWOOD is particularly suited to areas of application that rely on durable, sustainable and weather-proof materials with a wood-like appearance. Potential areas of use:
Outdoor furniture Wall and facade elements Interior fittings Fences Shipbuilding Wellness areas and wet rooms Store design Exhibition stand design SIMOWOOD can be machined with standard processing equipment, making it as versatile as wood-based products. What is more, like plastic, the sheets are suitable for thermoprocessing, i. e. they combine the benefits of both materials in a single product.
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Processing capabilities similar to wood and plastic : SIMOWOOD Sheets can be sawn, milled, drilled, bolted, glued and planed like wood. Using various sanding techniques and varnishes, they can be finished to personal specifications. Additionally, SIMOWOOD is suitable for thermal processing, e. g. welding, thermoforming and deep-drawing. Durable in indoor and outdoor applications : In contrast to conventional wood or wood-based products, the material used in SIMOWOOD is resistant to moisture, i.e. there are no signs of
swelling. Furthermore, it is weatherproof and offers the benefit of anti-slip properties when wet. This makes SIMOWOOD the perfect choice for both interior and exterior applications. Innovative and sustainable : Forests that are destroyed require decades to grow back. The reduction in trees means less rainfall. The tropics are becoming increasingly dry and global temperatures are rising. SIMOWOOD is a genuine alternative to wood and helps to address the environmental issues out