VIROC panels are colour through composite cement boards made of wood chips and cement, produced by autoclave method. Panel surfaces have an almost exposed concrete appearance and each panel is unique. Through-coloured, VIROC composite cement boards provide a timeless aesthetic to exterior facades by providing a gross concrete effect in ventilated exterior cladding. They are also used as ceiling, wall and floor covering in interior architecture. Perforated VIROC Panels are one of the most ideal products for interior wall and suspended ceiling coverings of cinemas and conference halls where acoustics are important. It has B1-level fire resistance. VIROC Panels are widely used in interior decoration by applying digital printing to their surfaces. Digitally printed VIROC panels are used in almost all branches of STARBUCKS chain stores. LACOSTE, NIKE, ADIDAS, SUN GLASS HUT brands are other franchise brands that prefer VIROC panels. Viroc panels are widely used in the retail industry as fixed and movable furniture such as furniture, display stands, counters, and are also a perfect solution for garden furniture. Our company is the exclusive distributor of VIROC panels in TURKEY.
STENI panels are fiberglass-reinforced polymer composite stone sheets with a smooth surface, made of electron-beam hardened acrylic. It is increasingly used in the manufacture of cars, aircraft and boats. Steni panels are 100% waterproof, they can stay submerged in water. According to the ventilated façade principles, they can be installed on the façade in any season of the year. The panels have a 60-year functional warranty. STENI is not always the most economical alternative, but it greatly reduces costs in the long run as it requires minimal maintenance. STENI panels are one of the few products that offer format flexibility with 30, 45, 90 degree corner elements. STENI panels are produced in 3 different types. STENI COLOR PANEL: It is produced in 60 different colors. It can also be produced in any color, glossy, semi-matt and matte surfaces, as well as it can be produced in RAL and NCS color codes and are suitable for exterior use. STENI VISION PANEL: It is produced in 10 standard decors and 3 different surfaces, suitable for both exterior and interior use. In addition, any desired design can be applied to panel surfaces. STENI NATURE PANEL: They are panels for exterior use with a surface consisting of aggregated natural stones. The granule diameters on the panel surfaces are in 4 different thicknesses and offer 11 different surface possibilities.
Coloured throughout MDF board
Valchromat® is a through-coloured MDF panel made of wood fibers impregnated with organic coloring agents in the production process. Small wood fibers are visible on the panel surfaces, which do not absorb organic dyes. This feature gives the panels a unique and natural look. Fire retardant VALCHROMAT panels are also manufactured. These panels are in fire class B-s2, d0 according to EN 13501 Standard. VALCHROMAT panels have a wide range of uses, such as furniture manufacturing, decorative panels, partition walls, suspended ceilings, flooring, store arrangement, fair and exhibition stands, restoration, bathroom, kitchen, door leaf and design. VALCHROMAT is ideal for all kinds of educational furniture such as school desks. It allows 3D designs with CNC or manual machines. VALCHROMAT provides the acoustics of the space by being perforated. It is an economical and fast solution as counter, shelf, wall and floor covering in the retail sector. VALCHROMAT does not require edge banding, and it is a perfect solution for the door manufacture of bathroom and kitchen cabinets, as it does not require panel surface, HPL and natural wood veneer. IKEA Company uses Valchromat panels in the manufacture of IKEA kitchen cabinet doors. Valchromat panels can be finished in a variety of ways with matte or glossy varnishes. In addition, digital printing can be applied to their surfaces.
Fibercement facade and roof boards
Cement bonded particle board
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Unique and inspiring surfaces
The sales and marketing of imi surface design's unique, high-quality surface design products is carried out only by our company in Turkey. imi surface design products can be used in a huge range of applications, from surfaces for walls, ceilings and floors, to furniture applications and even outdoor installations. imi surfaces have the look and feel of concrete, metal and stone but have much better properties. With a high-flex radius for curved surfaces the designs are produced mainly on MDF and HPL boards and many are also available as a 2mm thick flexible laminate.imi surface design is the market leader in surface designs; wall, ceiling, floor, furniture, countertops, outdoor, flexible on HPL. Unique and inspiring surfaces. Superb surfaces supplied on a variety of backing boards give endless possibilities. They can be used as a wall cladding, for flooring or in furniture manufacturing and shop fitting. Along with a variety of edging and finishing materials, the boards are worked in the same way as any other engineered panel products. A wide range of interior and exterior applications; offering a wide range of high quality surface designs, with surfaces indistinguishable from the original materials. Easy to cut and fix. imi surface design products are used in a wide range of applications, in both commercial and domestic environments. Uses include retail design, exhibition displays, architectural features, furniture laminates, commercial walling, flooring and stairwells. Some products are completely waterproof so can be used outdoors with complete confidence.
CEMBRIT is fiber-reinforced facade and roof sheets produced by combining polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and cellulose fibers with cement. Having the unique combination of specially designed fiber and cement, CEMBRIT boards are extraordinarily flexible, thin and light for their strength and against all external conditions and impacts. CEMBRIT fiber cement boards are absolutely unaffected, by sub-zero temperatures, snow, frost and thaws, rain (even torrential rains), heat, humidity and direct sunlight. Exceptionally resistant to algae and fungal growth. All CEMBRIT fibercement boards are fireproof and classified according to the EN 13501-1 standard. It is chemically impossible for them to contribute to a fire. CEMBRIT FIBER CEMENT FACADE PANELS : AUTHENTIC / Cembrit Patina Original / Cembrit Patina Rough / Cembrit Patina Inline / Cembrit Patina Signature COLOR / Cembrit Cover / Cembrit Solid / Cembrit Transparent WOODEN APPEARANCE / Cembrit Plank / Cembrit Patina Rough / Cembrit Panel DECORATIVE CHOICE / Cembrit LECORDIC Cembrit W130-8 / Cembrit W130-9 / Cembrit W146-8 / Cembrit W172-7 / Cembrit W177-6 / Cembrit W177-7 / Cembrit W177-5.5 / Cembrit W177-6.5 Slates / Cembrit Smooth Straight / Cembrit Smooth Dressed / Cembrit Textured Dressed Cembrit fiber cement slates are produced using Portland cement combined with an asbestos-free formulation of blended synthetic and cellulose fibers. The slates are pigmented and fully compacted during production.
viroc by investwood
valchromat by investwood
Looks like wood, feels like wood, can be processed with or without surface treatment like wood, but is far better. UPB boards made of Resysta® are 100% water resistant and extremely resistant to all types of weather conditions. Simply mill, saw, grind, screw and glue with PUR-based glue. The edges can be easily sanded after machining and do not require any edging.
fibreC is a glassfibre reinforced concrete that combines the advantages of both materials. Glassfibre reinforced concrete ensures absolute fire resistance due to its excellent thermal properties (fire protection class A1 “non- flammable” according to DIN 4102). Due to the reinforcement with glass fibres, fibreC can withstand extremely high loads with a thickness of only 13 mm and a calculated service life of more than 50 years. fibreC is dyed throughout with iron oxide pigments and natural additives. The ability to bend and form panels opens up new possibilities for design with concrete.
imi surface design
composite stone panels