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Non    Toxic    :    Does    not    contain    dangerous    volatile compounds    and    is    free    of    silica,    asbestos    and formaldehyde.
Sound    Insulation    :    It    has    good    sound    insulation properties     due     to     its     high     weight.    The     sound insulation   index   varies   according   to   board   thickness. Airborne   sound   resistance   is   31   or   37   dB   depending on    whether    board    thickness    is    8mm    or    22mm, respectively.
Easy   Installation   :   It   can   be   cut,   drilled   and   sanded. The    tools    and    fastening    systems    used    for    Viroc boards are identical to those used with wood.
Fire    Retardant    :    It    prevents    the    spread    of    fire. According    to    the    ignitability    test    conducted,    it    is classified as B-s1, d0 in accordance with EN 13501.
Insect   Resistant   :   It   will   not   degrade   with   the   action   of living   organisms   such   as   fungi,   termites,   or   any   kind of insects.
Thermal   Insulation   :   It   has   good   thermal   resistance properties,   meaning   that   it   can   function   as   insulation in both cold and hot temperatures.
Moisture   Resistant   :   Under   the   action   of   water   it   does not   disaggregate.   It   is   a   material   that   is   impermeable to water and also resistant to water vapour.
Weight    Resistant    :    The    board    has    a    bending strength   that   enables   it   to   be   used   as   a   resistant structural   element.   Therefore,   it   is   used   in   flooring and    as    roof    support.    The    characteristic    breaking strength   on   bending   is   10.5   N/mm2   with   an   elasticity modulus of 6000 N/mm2.
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