Aluminum and galvanized profiles are used in rivet system. The rivet points of the panels and the carrier profiles are drilled 8mm in diameter (sliding point). They are mounted to the system with rivets of 4.8mm diameter. The head diameter of the rivets should be 14-16 mm. Certain points of the panels are drilled to the same size (4.8mm) as the rivet diameter (fixing point). The color of the rivets can be the same as the color of the aluminum or the color of the panel. Screwing is the most common system for fixing Viroc panels in terms of efficiency and ease of application. The substructure can be metal or wood. Due to the similarity of performance of the materials, it is more convenient to use wood substructure. In outdoor applications, the relative humidity difference in the air and the exposure of the panels to the sun causes a size difference in the boards. Therefore, the use of a screw with a head greater than the diameter of the drill hole in the plate is recommended because it allows expansion and contraction to occur without creating any tension.Screws to be used on exterior facades should be stainless steel.
Viroc panels with a maximum thickness of 10mm can be fixed to a metal or wood substructure with adhesive fixing system. The adhesive system generally consists of an adhesive (polyurethane, MS Polymer or hybrid paste), a double-sided adhesive tape, and a primer set to be applied to the substructure. It is not recommended to use the adhesive system outdoors. In countries with special fire regulations, this system is not allowed, as adhesives such as polyurethane, MS polymer etc. do not have fire resistance.
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