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Viroc Nature is a composite panel consisting of a mixture of wood particles and cement called the Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB). It combines the flexibility of wood with the strength and durability of cement, allowing a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors. The production of Viroc Nature panel complies with the specifications of EN 634 and EN 13986 standards and carries the CE Marking Certificate. The Viroc Nature panel has a heterogeneous appearance with different shades randomly dispersed, resulting from the natural colours of the raw materials used and the chemical reactions. Tone differences may be observed on the same face, between
the faces of the same panel or between different productions batches. Viroc panels are supplied raw, without finishing. The surfaces have irregularities and imperfections, such as, marks, scratches and salts.
The Viroc Nature panel is produced in a single color, thickness and dimensions. Thickness and Dimension Thickness (mm): 12 Dimension (mm): 1200 x 600 APPLICATIONS The Viroc Nature Panel is to be used as a finishing element for interiors and exteriors. FURNITURE : Viroc Nature panels can be used for indoor and outdoor furniture. They are waterproof, although if the panels are used outdoors or in damp zones they should be varnished. A lasting solution given the high durability and load resistance of this material. BATHROOMS : In bathrooms, Viroc Nature panels can be used on counters, walls, furniture and ceilings, keeping in mind that it must be varnished as a damp zone that also accumulates fatty substances. As a waterproof material, it can also be used as a shower base, an elegant option that must be carefully installed to avoid future problems. It is ideal for refurbishment, replacement or renewal of materials in the bathroom. KITCHENS : In kitchens, Viroc Nature panels can be used on worktops, walls, furniture, floors and ceilings, keeping in mind that it must be varnished as a damp zone that also accumulates fatty substances. It is ideal for refurbishment, replacement or renewal of materials in the kitchen. It is waterproof by nature and a fire retardant. FLOORING : Flooring is another possibility when it comes to the application of Viroc Nature panels. They are commonly used in the refurbishment of old buildings, given that traditional wooden floors deteriorate in zones with water, such as bathrooms, kitchens and in the areas where the wall is connected to the facade. Using Viroc nature panels for floors may initially seem somewhat cold, but when trying this new concept people have commented on the agreeable texture and benefits of the solution. A surprising boon to any project,
thanks to the durability allied to the natural appearance of this material. It leads to the creation of unique and timeless spaces, with a high degree of thermal and acoustic comfort. A coating of suitable paint or varnish to make the floors resistant to wear and tear is recommended. FALSE CEILINGS : Viroc Nature panels create innovative environments when applied to ceilings. It is an original, elegant, easily applied solution, which endows the room with acoustic comfort and a tailor-made design, with optional differing heights. PARTITION WALLS : Viroc Nature panels comprise ideal lining for walls, as they combine the endurance of cement and the flexibility of wood. A unique decorative item, it is the right choice for DIY projects, thanks to its easy installation and the benefits it offers. Viroc nature panels provide the premises with acoustic and thermal insulation. FACADES : Viroc Nature panels may be applied outdoors, especially in ventilated facades, and are the ideal solution for outdoor lining thanks to their indisputable advantages in terms of thermal insulation and sturdiness. The minimum thickness of the panel for application in facades is 12mm. Protection of the panels through a coating of paint or varnish is recommended.