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UPB ® (Universal Performance Board) One material endless possibilities!
You can’t Resyst it. Looks like wood, feels like wood, can be processed with or without surface treatment like wood, but is far better. UPB boards made of Resysta® are 100% water resistant and extremely resistant to all types of weather conditions. Simply mill, saw, grind, screw and glue with PUR-based glue. The edges can be easily sanded after machining and do not require any edging. UPB Resysta® panels are supplied ex-factory with a textured surface and can be treated with coarse abrasive paper. Conventional woodworking machines and tools are used for processing.
For colour design, the surface of the UPB boards can be coloured directly with a glaze especially developed for Resysta®. We recommend our Resysta® 2K protective lacquer to enhance mechanical and chemical resistance and protection against staining. After treatment, a surface which is hardly distinguishable from wood is the convincing result. Alternatively, coloured oils especially matched for Resysta®, are available.
UPB Board made of Resysta® - The advantages Waterproof and weatherproofSalt water and chlorine water resistant UV-resistant No swelling Providing new possibilities, which were not conceivable with wood No rotting, can be placed directly in the ground 100% recyclable 100% no wood Mouldability under the action of heat Resistant to wood-destroying fungi and termites Smooth surface - no cracking No splintering Large board size Easy care Individual surface dyeing with Resysta® paints, varnishes and oils