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25-year guarantee
80-year guarantee
100 % waterproof UPB boards are absolutely waterproof and also non-slip. No swelling, no shrinking. The material can be installed in the ground and even under water it resists salt, chlorine and waterlogging.
Sustainable Like all Resysta products, UPB boards consist of 60% rice hulls that the manufacturer obtains from the regional food industry. Other ingredients: rock salts and mineral oil.
100 % recyclable UPB boards are 100% recyclable. The manufacturer offers its own recycling cycle for this purpose. Resysta®'s sustainable concept received the Green Product Award in 2018.
Resistant in any climate The panels are weatherproof, UV-resistant and safe against fungi, mold and pests. No swelling, tearing, splintering, rotting - with an 80-year manufacturer guarantee on the material.
As beautiful as wood A special surface finish gives UPB Boards the natural look and feel of fine hardwoods. Lacquers as well as various finishing processes enable a wide range of design options.
Can be designed individually With the colored lacquers from the Klöpfer range you can refine the surface of UPB boards individually. 25-year manufacturer's guarantee: Original Resysta products will not peel off.
Easy to use Work with UPB boards like you would with wood - using standard woodworking machines. The highlight: the homogeneous cross-section of the edge of the material makes subsequent lamination unnecessary.
Thermoformable UPB boards made of Resysta® are thermoformable. The panel material thus gives you additional freedom for creative design in all areas of application.