Viroc fibercement panels are applied on the facades according to the principles of ventilated façade system. The minimum panel thickness for exterior applications is 12mm and the maximum panel thickness is 16mm. VIROC panels can also be applied as siding on facades, 8mm or 10mm panel thickness is sufficient for siding facade claddings.VIROC fibercement panels are installed to the facade in accordance with the technical specifications. Installation of VIROC fibercement sheets should be done in accordance with the system details.Before the installation of the panels, one coat of
varnish should be applied to the rear surfaces of the panel and after the installation, two layers of varnish should be applied to the front surface and edges. Exterior claddings are applied according to three different systems called "invisible installation", "semi-visible installation" and "visible installation". MS polymer is used for invisible installation of Viroc fiber cement panels and screws or rivets are used for semi visible and visible system applications.
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