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Maintenance free, fibercement sheets have very long life; there is no predicted life expectancy for both cement and silica, their lifetime is theoretically infinite when appropriate protection measures are taken.Fiber cement boards are extremely durable because they are produced under high temperature and pressure and show high resistance against impact. It is very resistant to atmospheric conditions depending on raw materials in its structure and production procedure. Fibercement panels are not affected by ultraviolet rays.It is also highly resistant to animal waste and chemicals (especially alkalis), except for descalers.Other features that differentiate fibercement façade cladding from other façade cladding materials; Fibercement sheets are not affected by water and sea water. They're waterproof. Water absorption rate of the panels is lower than that of reinforced concrete buildings. The panels do not swell in water, do not mold and are not affected by moisture.They can be used safely in humid climates, the volumetric changes in water are very low (maximum 0.5 mm / m when left in water for 24 hours). Since they are not affected by sea water moisture, they can be used
safely on the exterior walls of buildings in coastal areas.Fiber cement boards, although not an isolation material alone, has extremely good heat values.When the panels are used with materials with high insulation value, very good heat and sound insulation can be obtained.Since the panels adhere very well to various insulation materials (polystyrene foam, etc.), they can also be used as sandwich panels for various purposes.Fiber cement sheets are compared with equivalent materials; the coefficients of expansion are very low, with the correct joint application, no problems are seen in the joints of the panels.They can be easily processed with suitable hand tools, they are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.They saves time and labor since they remove fine plaster workmanship in buildings. Since fiber cement is a breathable material it allows the building to breathe.Fibercement sheets are lightweight and easily transportable (weight of an 8mm thick sheet is approximately 11 kg/m2 depending on the humidity of the environment). They are frost resistant and can be used safely even in the coldest climates.Fibercement panels can be painted with acrylic exterior paint and plastic interior paint due to the cement in their structures.The panels are odorless, insect free and do not rot.