Production of surface coated fiber cement panels is carried out by processing colour or pattern with artificial resin on high density pressed plate and by coating UV protection filter on the surface. The density of fibercement sheets is about 1300-1400 kg/m3. That is, approximately 10 kg load per square meter.Fibercement sheets with an average thickness of 10 mm are used in facade claddings.If the plaster is applied to the façade, instead of fiber cement façade cladding, approximately 30-40mm thick plaster should be applied. The density of the plaster is 2000 kg / m3. Accordingly, the fibercement façade cladding is lighter than the plaster. Two layers of plaster are made also in the sheathing process which is made with the purpose of thermal insulation only and ultimately, the load on the façade is more than the fiber cement cladding. In summary, an additional risk in terms of earthquake is not added to buildings covered with fiber cement cladding. Fibercement boards can be safely used in all kinds of buildings and building types, especially in public housing, public buildings, commercial buildings, factories and villa projects. Skyscrapers / Universities / Dormitory buildings / Hospitals / Metro and Tunnels / Shopping centers / Residential
restorations / Businesses and villas / Prefabricated buildings are some of them.
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Fibercement boards, which are preferred due to their technical advantages and decorative appearance, prevent the building façade from being deformed and damaged from external factors when used on the exterior façade.They have positive effects on heat and sound insulation with the effect of the fixing method. Being resistant to fire and flaming and being suitable for all season conditions are some of the technical advantages of the boards. Being anti bacterial and waterproof, being not containing and producing any substance harmful, to human health and the environment, no discoloration due to sun and heat, no fading and no swelling on the surfaces of the panels are the main reasons why panels are preferred.Fibercement sheets, which are a human and environmentally friendly material, do not have any gas emissions to the environment in time or due to atmospheric conditions or during a possible fire.