Known for its versatility, Viroc boards are used in furniture, stairs, partitions, doors, countertops and other decorative and architectural elements.Viroc panels are very suitable for use in the construction of partition walls. Such an application is enhanced by the board's features with respect to its visual appearance, mechanical strength, sound insulation, fire resistance and durability. It is the preferred choice for hotel rooms or cinema theatres, where acoustic resistance to airborne sounds and fire resistance are the criteria that define the space to be partitioned.
Viroc boards are also ideal for use in damp indoor areas because of the boards’ moisture resistance, such as the use in swimming pool complexes, changing rooms and bathroom facilities. Viroc boards can also be used as a covering and finishing of existing walls, both indoors and outdoors. The minimum thickness of Viroc boards used on indoor walls in dry areas is 10 mm and it is 12mm for use in indoor or outdoor damp areas. Paint or varnish coatings are necessary in damp areas.
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